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FAQ - BM Coin(Bonus Money)

What is BM?
BM is a currency created by Cryptoplay with the aim of playing the games you like. It is a currency that cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Why play with BM?
The conversion for BM is 1$=1BM, playing with BM the benefits are as follows:

  • The wager made with BM is counted as if you were making a wager with any other currency at the conversion of 1BM = $1
  • You can compete in wager contests where the prizes are in CPC (Cryptoplay Coin is our internal currency that can be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency without any restrictions)
  • Compared to other "Play Money" for every $1 BM wager, you unlock $0.001 CPC (See this in the "Bonuses" section right on your profile)
  • VIP Club experience will be counted in the same way as with any other bet currency (You increase in level by betting with BM, you receive a level up bonus in CPC)

  • How can you get BM?
  • Buying from the BM Store where you can buy 300% more BM coins with the same amount.
  • Through the bonus codes offered on our social media channels.
  • Fortune Wheel twice a day.
  • Catching rains on the internal chat.

  • Things to know:

  • Wagering BM does not count for your referrer affiliate commission but they will receive 5% of your purchase.
    E.g. - If your referral buy the $100,000 BM Pack, you receive instantly $5,000 CPC.
  • The action of buying any pack is irreversible.