About Cryptoplay

Cryptoplay is an online crypto gambling site established in 2021. We allow users from all around the world to play games like: Dice, Slots, Mines, Towers and we're always coming out with something new! Our plan is to be on top leader in the Cryptocurrencies gambling industry.
Cryptoplay (and hereinafter www.cryptoplay.io) is company incorporated in Curaçao, and is subject to the laws of Curaçao. Cryptoplay license is in the process of approval by the Government of Curaçao and is subject to the regulations of that jurisdiction.


How does the exchange rate work on Cryptoplay?

The exchange rate is in accordance with cryptocompare.com. The update is done automatically when a cryptocurrency decreases/increases by 5%.

What are the min/max bet amounts and max winnings on Slots?

Maximum bet is the total of all the lines you decide to play on.
Maximum wins are shown on the Slots pay table, and depends on how many lines you choose to play.

What are the min/max bet and max profit amounts on Dice?

You can bet the maximum bet value as long as the maximum profit value is respected.
Minimum bet: $0.001
Maximum bet profit: $20.000

What are the min/max bet and max profit amounts on Towers?

You can bet the maximum bet value as long as the maximum profit value is respected.
Minimum bet: ?
Maximum bet profit: ?

What are the min/max bet and max profit amounts on Mines?

You can bet the maximum bet value as long as the maximum profit value is respected.
Minimum bet: ?
Maximum bet profit: ?

What is Bonus Money (BM)?

Bonus Money is regarded as an amount of money given by us, in full discretion, which you will receive in several occasions as “welcoming bonus” – First deposit, participation in multiple events and promotions (don’t miss any of our promotions, and new events for you)

Unlike your winnings in Real Money (RM), your Bonus Money (BM) cannot be withdrawn. However you can convert or transform the Bonus Money to your real money by playing real money, gradually. Bonus Money converted in real money can be paied by us, and can also generate in-game winnings which can be paid.

You can convert you bonus, gradually in real money as follows:
Your bonus amount (e.g. $500) is divided, as of first, in smaller units (e.g. 10 units x $50)
With a certain amount bet/roll at our games, you can convert step by step small amounts in real money. Or you can of course wait to bet/roll the whole amount.
If you reach a certain bet/roll amount in order to convert an unit (which is $50 in our example), the amount passed automatically in your real money balance from the bonus balance. So keep an eye on your RM balance!
You can convert bonus units in real money bet/roll at slots until you either convert the whole amount of bonus into real money, the validity of the bonus expires, or initiate a withdrawal. So again, keep in mind while doing a withdrawal or on the bonus expiring dates.

How does bonus money BM work?

Your bonus as said before, is split in multiple segments or units. Play in slots with real money RM, in order to gradually convert the segments/units in real money.
As soon as you meet the wagering requirements to convert a segment of your bonus, the corresponding amount will be in the Bonuses section in your game account.
To add RM to your game balance you have to click on "Get".
You can continue to convert segments of your bonus until the entire bonus amount has been converted to real money or until the bonus expires.


Instant Deposits and Deposit Delays

Depending on the cryptocurrency you deposit, you may be eligible for instant deposit. If the address which you send from is considered trusted (sometimes known as Confidence Level). Otherwise, you may need to wait for several confirmations. On average a deposit takes between 5 to 10 minutes, but this can vary based on the blockchain network load.
Minimum deposit amount is $1 any cryptocurrencies.
If you have problems with your deposit, please check your transaction on the appropriate coin explorer (clicking on the transaction ID on Cryptoplay will pull up the appropriate explorer for you). In the event everything seems correct and the transaction is confirmed, and you do not receive your deposit please contact us by email at [email protected] or by the site customer support chat function and please provide the following information in this format:

Username: Your Username
TXID: Transaction ID

How many confirmations does Cryptoplay require to credit my deposit?

As you may already know, a transaction is only fully completed when the transaction reaches a certain number of confirmations on the blockchain. We only credit your account after that number is reached unless your address is 'trusted' (see information about Instant Deposits).

Bitcoin (BTC): 1 Confirmation
Ethereum (ETH): 1 Confirmation
Litecoin (LTC): 1 Confirmation
Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 1 Confirmation
Ripple (XRP): 1 Confirmation
Dogecoin (DOGE): 1 Confirmation
Dash (DASH): 1 Confirmation
ZCash (ZEC): 3 Confirmations
TRON (TRX): 5 Confirmations

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals

Cryptoplay currently uses a dynamic minimum withdrawal and fees system.
You can check the amount whenever you try to withdraw, minimum withdrawal is already set on the amount field.
There is no maximum withdrawal limits.

About Pending and Declined Withdrawals

Cryptoplay has a verification system, which may lead to a transaction in the system marked as pending. This measure was implemented in order to protect your account from hackers, as well as Cryptoplay's integrity.
Our system sometimes flags withdrawals and requires that they are manually authenticated and verified. In this case withdrawals are checked one by one manually, by a team of three support specialists who do their best to cover most of the hours in a day. The process is quite fast, and there is nothing required from you for the withdrawal to go through the verification process. There is no need to write a support ticket when you have this occur.
In the case of your account being compromised, if your withdrawal is pending IMMEDIATELY contact us by email at [email protected] or by the site customer support chat function. This way, we can be alerted quicker; it makes us aware of it immediately and helps us to better protect your funds.
If you had a declined withdrawal, please contact us by the site customer support chat function. Our team will then explain exactly to you the reason of why your withdrawal was declined, as well as begin the refunding process with you. There is no need to panic, just contact support.


How to check my Rank and Rank Progression?

Your rank depends on how much you have wagered, the highest you are, the better, leveling up will give you access to our rewards, cashback, exclusive promotions and various bonuses.
Click on "My profile" on the menu at top right of the page by clicking on your username and check your progression!

How to check my Stats?

You can see all sorts of information such as:
• Wager
• Bets
• Wins
• Loses
Simply by clicking on "My profile" on the menu at top right of the page by clicking on your username.
A Dashboard window will open, and you can see your Rank and Statistics.

Account Security

Security Access by Email

Once you have already set your email and confirmed it on "Security", you will be able to add extra security to your account by activate 2FA.
Go to the "User Profile" menu and click on "Security". Add your email in the email field and click send. After that click on link that you received by email and it's done.


If you have not confirmed your account by email you will not be able to recover your account in case you forget your password.

Password - How to change it

To change your password open your Dashboard window and click on Security.
In order to increase your account security, we advise you to activate Two-Factor Security.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - How to enable and disable

Two-Factor is one of the best tools Cryptoplay can provide to increase your account security.

You can set it up by going to the "Dashboard/Security" menu and going to 2FA.

Enabling 2FA:
You are going to need Google Anthenticator app to scan the QR code you see, download one of these:

Press the "+"
Additional info:

Enter account name: Cryptoplay (or any other name)
Enter your key: Use the code located beneath the barcode in the 2FA popup
You will see a 6 digit code which periodically changes (this is your 2FA code)
Enter your password and 2FA code and click on "ENABLE 2FA"
You have successfully enabled 2FA

Now your account will have the maximum security if you also enabled the other protection tools available

To disable it write the 2FA code and password and press "Disable 2FA"

Bug Reports and Bounties

Cryptoplay is very generous towards bug hunters
We at Cryptoplay absolutely love to fix bugs!
If you have found any please contact us at [email protected]
This email should have as many details as possible, along with some screenshots or video if it helps you explain the issue to us.
We have been helped by bug hunters and white hat hackers since the very beginning of this website, and some even got some large bounties awarded! We encourage you to find them.
Rewards may vary depending on the bug, and they will be given in BTC if you are the first one to find it on our website.
PS: Everyone exploting a bug for his own benefit without warning us about it or making it public won't obviously get any reward.

How are Races points calculated?

Points are calculated as follows:

DICE CLASSIC: 10$ wager means 10 Race Points
MINES: 10$ wager means 5 Race Points
TOWERS: 10$ wager means 10 Race Points
KENO: 10$ wager means 2 Race Points
LIMBO: 10$ wager means 10 Race Points

Contact Us

Try to search for answers around this FAQ before contacting us!

If you still need help Contact us
If after searching for answers on our FAQ, you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact our friendly support at the bottom of the page by the site customer support chat function.
You can also send us an email directly to [email protected]
Our support team is available most hours of the day and night!