Affiliate Program
How does the affiliate program work?

Through the affiliate program, you'll receive a commission for every user that registers on our website using your link and is an active player on our platform.

What is a referral?

A referral is a user who registers on CryptoPlay using your affiliate link. By depositing and wagering on our website, your referrals will get you a significant income. Your affiliate earnings depend directly on the amount your referrals deposit and wager, thus the more active they are, the bigger your earnings will be.

How much will I earn from each referral?

For every referral, you will receive an affiliate commission starting with 20% and it can be increased up to 50%. Your affiliate funds will be calculated based on the following formula: REFERRAL'S WAGER * 1% * 20% (which is your affiliate commission, if you increased your commission, the new value will be your new commission. For example: 30%, 40% or 50%) You can increase your commission by 10% for every $1000 collected from your referral earnings, the maximum percentage is 50%.

Additionally, each time your referral will pass a new level you will receive the same "Level UP Reward", within a $200 limit for each referral.

In what currency will I receive my affiliate funds?

The funds will be released in CPC and can be exchanged for any currency listed on our website

Can I make an already registered user my referral?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. A user will become your referral only if they create an account using your affiliate link. An already registered user who did not use your link, can not be your referral.